portrait de riccardo giraudi

As a Dynamic, passionate and inspired forty-year-old,
Riccardo Giraudi is a successful entrepreneur who puts his creativity to the service of quality.

About Riccardo Giraudi

“There is an intuitive coherence in these activities that bring together food and fashion.”

Exclusive beef

Whilst becoming a leader in the import of American Black Angus beef, he expanded into Australian meat before becoming the first European importer of certified Japanese Kobe beef in Europe, in 2014. Riccardo Giraudi contributes in the discovery of unattainable high quality meat, by educating the client. Through working with rigorous producers, his goal is to make of meat, that is often criticized, a sexy & essential product.

Restaurant & food concepts

For more than 10 years, Riccardo Giraudi has explored a whole new universe, the restaurant sector. He generates emotions, plays with contrasts and the element of surprise in his numerous concepts.

With over 15 restaurants between Monaco, Mexico and Hong Kong (including Michelin-starred ones), he finds inspiration by travelling the world. Indeed, Riccardo Giraudi is an adventurous & hyperactive creator, a visionary who easily decrypts new trends during his travels & experiences.

Awarded “Restaurateur of the year” in 2012, his success and his passion for hospitality has allowed him to create and rethink restaurant concepts, to offer new ways of consumption and to boost the gastronomic landscape combined with a gorgeous architecture. To fulfill his projects, Riccardo Giraudi learnt to gather the best entourage, with whom he exchanges constantly.

His motto, « food is the new fashion », inspires him daily to bring strong, innovative & trendy solutions to professionals. Riccardo Giraudi offers new perspectives in the food sector, for retail (Gourmet Burger Kit), for B2B in Europe and worldwide (Gourmet Boutique Burgers). His goal is to reach the final customer and to educate them on what they are consuming.

Management & consulting

Riccardo Giraudi uses its expertise and know-how to offer its consulting and management consulting services to the biggest hotel groups, restaurateurs, casinos, cruise companies.

From creating a whole new and innovative concept to working as a restaurant management consultant, Riccardo Giraudi and his team listen to your needs and assist you with any aspect of your project. Every key elements is carefully thought through to provide real solutions to you.