Twenty years of know-howexperience resulting in a redefinition of luxury in the food industry

Today the owner of over five companies, after graduating from London’s European Business School in 1999, Riccardo Giraudi started by giving Giraudi a new impulse in the 2000’s by choosing to work with exclusive meats.

As he became a leader in the import of American Black Angus beef, he expanded into Australian meat before becoming the first European importer of certified Japanese Kobe beef in 2014. By informing the customer, Riccardo Giraudi contributes to the discovery of previously unattainable high-quality meat. by educating the client. Through working with rigorous producers, his goal is to make meat, so often criticized today, a sensually essential product.

His motto, “food is the new fashion”, inspires him daily to bring strong, innovative and trendy solutions to professionals. Riccardo Giraudi offers new perspectives in the food sector, for retail and B2B worldwide. His goal is to reach the final customer and to inform them on what they are eating.

Riccardo Giraudi has been exploring the restaurant sector, a whole new universe for him, for almost 20 years. He seeks to generate emotions, play with contrasts and the element of surprise in his numerous concepts.

Among his 34+ restaurants in places like Monaco, London and Mykonos, some have won awards over the years: Michelin stars, Vogue’s « Most beautiful Parisian restaurants » in 2019, Best steak restaurants with multiple outlets in 2023, to name but a few.

Riccardo Giraudi finds inspiration by travelling the world. He’s an adventurous, hyperactive creator, a visionary who easily decrypts new trends during his travels and experiences. As a result of his success and passion for hospitality he has managed to offer new ways of wining and dining and to boost the gastronomic landscape with gorgeous architecture and perfectly mastered recipes. To fulfill his projects, Riccardo Giraudi has built the best possible team, with whom he he is in constant communication.











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Our team thinks outside the box. We focus on niche, exclusive, unique concepts with a clear vision. In each of our restaurants, luxury is felt rather than seen.

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