Zeffirino is one of our iconic Heritage Brand. Created in 1939, the concept offers an Italian experience, that has already been enjoyed by celebrities including Frank Sinatra and Pope Francis over the past five decades.
The concept already started expending outside of Italy, with restaurants in Santorini, Paris and Monaco.
« I love to explore and always create new concepts »


In 1918 in Modena, the Belloni’s opened their first restaurant named Trattoria Emiliano. Thenn Zeffirino began his journey into the culinary world in Genova.
With the intense passion and appetite to leave a legacy, the now famous Ristorante Zeffirino opened in 1939, on one of the most glamorous street in the centre of Genova.


The moment you step into Zeffirino, you’ll be transported in an authentic Italian restaurant inspired by the history of the Zeffirino family and the warmth of Italian hospitality. Combining light almond green, wood and golden hues, Zeffirino is a pretty gem.


At Zeffirino, family and tradition are the underlying principles of success. With an endless creative talent and long-lasting experience, the Zeffirino family have developed a distinguished art of cooking which combines tradition, innovation and genuineness.
The restaurant is famous for its hand-made, fresh pasta, and their signature « Pesto Genovese » sauce prepared with fresh basil.