As Riccardo Giraudi said, « I wanted to give some warmth, charm and coziness to my favorite brand. It’s all about family and friends enjoying my comforting classics ».

Indeed, Part of the globally recognized collection of Beefbar, Le Petit Beefbar has been designed to be an approachable introduction to the brand, yet at the same time comforting and luxurious.


Created by Riccardo Giraudi and first opened in London, followed by Dubai and Edinburgh, Le Petit Beefbar takes inspiration from the mother brand to create an elegant yet cozy restaurant complete with glamorous touches and an overall chic feel.

The concept truly embodies a vibe of modernity and luxury in spectacular locations.


Le Petit Beefbar’s design and architecture creates a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, reflecting the brand.
The delightfully decadent and elegant venue features velvet, gloss-painted walls, brass detailing and bespoke lighting.


Le Petit Beefbar is an all-day experience. In the morning, the decadent breakfast menu features sweet and savory options including Beefy Benedicts, Blueberry poached pineapple and Rainbow Avocado on Toast.

For lunch and dinner, the menu is filled to the brim with street food and Beefbar’s signature meat served with the epic ‘Sauce Beefbar’.