BEEFBAR ASIA is a spinoff of the famous BEEFBAR concept, focusing on panasian cuisine, from Japan to China, to Korea and Malaysia.
« I love to explore and always create new concepts »


Our iconic street food section has been revisited, whilst the addition of the beef focused sushi bar will give the brand a new direction.


The centre piece experience will be the barbecues focusing on prime steak cuts, marinated beef, unique sauces, and fantastic sides from all the corners of the asian continent.


The menu is designed to be an approachable introduction to the Panasia cuisine, yet at the same time comforting and luxurious. The guests can choose between marinated beef, leaf or reef starters, followed by various sushi & rolls prepared with the best meats and fishes.
For mains, our chef has imagined flavorful woks, grilled beef with Asian sauces such as Yakiniku, steamed or marinated fishes such as the Ouzo and Miso Black Cod. All served with Asian inspired side dishes, including our Goma cabbage salad, eggplant miso and Kimchi fried rice.