Brass, silky green velvet, black & white, Song Qi a luxurious gourmet Chinese restaurant on one of the most beautiful avenues in Monaco. Discover a one-of-a-kind taste culture in a perfectly balanced and precious setting, reflecting Shanghai’s golden age of the 1930’s.

« I love to explore and constantly create new concepts »


Recently elected 17th best restaurant in the world by Casa Vogue, Song Qi was created by Riccardo Giraudi, in 2014. Song Qi intends to provide Monte-Carlo with the only offer that had not yet been created: a luxurious gourmet Chinese restaurant.


This unique taste culture can be discovered in a precious and intimate setting created by the architects Humbert & Poyet, where luxurious materials, brass, silky green and black marble and velvet all blend into a magnificent combination.
Song Qi reflects the spirit of Shanghai’s golden age of the 30’s and is the perfect balance between modernity, luxury and timelessness.


On the menu: homemade steamed or crispy dim sum, jumbo tiger shrimps, lettuce wraps, gourmet wok… Not to mention our famous whole Peking duck!