In Monaco, Grubers is Riccardo Giraudi’s very first fast casual concept. Dedicated to burgers, the place is trendy, warm and timeless. Our Cheesegrubers are made of 100% freshly ground beef, to which we’ve added fresh ingredients, spices or condiments such as truffle or jalapeno peppers.
« I love to explore and always create new concepts »


Grubers Burgers is a burger dedicated fast casual concept created by Riccardo Giraudi.
In France, over 30 burgers are sold every second. In fast foods or Michelin-starred restaurants, this dish is a staple. However, the offer remains the same: a classic burger and a ray of recipes without the possibility to personalize it. Grubers is the exact, perfect opposite.


In terms of design, the architects Humbert & Poyet have decided to reflect Grubers’ commitment through architectural details. The design is a combination of raw materials such as wood and metal. Both bring warmth to our simple, bold and timeless Grubers.


Our innovation? Our Cheesegrubers we like to call “Juicy Lucy” aka delicious 100% freshly ground beef stuffed with a flavorful cheddar slice right in the middle, resulting in a melted core of cheese and very juicy beef. To top it off : a powerful, cream-based sauces made with truffle or jalapenos pepper for example, and an airy and light bun.