Born in Monte-Carlo

Beefbar is a strong brand, full of contrasts. Through its glamorous architectural lines and bold menu, we re-think food and include a modern luxury feel while offering a complete experience.

Driving the excitement and momentum to our locations, we propose a simple, positive, emotional vision of food for everyone: a relaxed, uncomplicated, sensual, vibrant, jubilant culture of pleasure.


In Monaco, Sao Paulo, Paris or Santorini, our customers look forward to the same Beefbar experience with the signature dishes they love.

Our clientele is part of a group that feels that having their favorite food and atmosphere in different cities around the world is the best kind of luxury.

However, Beefbar’s strong DNA also adapts to each location and its traditions, while keeping the same architectural codes.



For the past 50 years, Riccardo Giraudi and his family have been considered as the European leader in meat import / export. They are also known as a worldwide pioneer in bringing the beef industry into the 21st century.

So, it was only a matter of time for Riccardo Giraudo to design a concept dedicated to exclusive beef. Born in 2005 in Monte-Carlo, Beefbar has been breaking with traditional codes and including a modern luxury feel since day one.


At Beefbar, glamour mingles with understated luxury thanks to our architects, Humbert & Poyet, named among the 100 best designers of the year by AD Magazine. Through their designs, they express quality, purity and refinement.

The signature Beefbar look, a combination of noble materials, has been adapted to all the different Beefbar locations around the world, to suit each establishment and its inspirations.


Beefbar reflects a cosmopolitan culture. Thierry Paludetto, the executive chef, works hand in hand with Riccardo Giraudi and his kitchen team to magnify and highlight the best products.

Our menu features a selection of creative, international street food – Beef, Reef, Leaf –, main courses including our exclusive meats, perfectly made sides and exquisite desserts.