LEAFBAR, Putting green in the spotlight

Leafbar is a plant forward Beefbar. This unique & vibrant destination created by Riccardo, focuses on plant-based dishes. It first appeared as part of Beefbar’s menu but is now a concept of its own. Clients do not want to have to choose between elegance and simplicity, a restaurant or a bar. This is why Leafbar breaks with classic & stiff codes. It is comfortable, delicious and of course, glamourous.

« I love to explore and always create new concepts »


The idea started to evolve in Riccardo Giraudi’s head when journalists kept on asking him “what’s your opinion on veganism?”, assuming that he would criticize veganism and the flexitarian diet. However, he had already realised that meat should be consumed and appreciated like great wines. So Riccardo Giraudi spinned his magic to make the “leaf” noble again.


Step into our own indigeneous inspired environment while feeling modern luxury. Leafbar is a true jewel box made of wood, greenery and light tones created by Humbert & Poyet.


On the menu, our guests can discover a revamped selection of Beefbar’s street food to mix and match, iconic main dishes to share and botanical cocktails made from natural ingredients.