Anahi is iconic. This Southern American institution is located in the Marais, in Paris. For almost 40 years now, Anahi has offered a uniquely intimate, festive atmosphere, an ambiance of hushed voices and lively, candlelit dinners, to the sound of laughter and the clinking of glasses. In 2017, Riccardo Giraudi brought it back to life.

« I love to explore and constantly create new concepts »


Anahi has all the aura of the mythical Parisan life. Despite its somewhat outdated décor and going against the trend of the 90s and 2000s, Anahi became, as if by magic, the most sought-after and secret place for the parties of the Parisian elite and international personalities.
In 2017, Riccardo Giraudi took over the place. In the wake of its impassioned past, he brought back Carmen to revive the soul of Anahi while preserving its South American identity.


The address, which was once a butcher’s shop whose original tiling has survived the ages, was reinvented as an Argentinean restaurant.
In order to honor the atmosphere, and preserve the space, the cracked original tiles have been filled with gold using the Kintsugi technique.
Another surprising element, the backroom has been transformed into an intimate bar with a leather-padded wall.


Anahi celebrates South American specialties and offers a selection of exclusive meats as well. In 2021, Riccardo Giraudi asked Chef Mauro Colagreco to sign the new menu. And what better adventure than to give Mauro Colagreco carte blanche to embody the cuisine of an Argentinean restaurant with such a rich history…