A vibrant bistro influenced by the color identification system created by lawrence herbert in 1963. From sandwiches, to snacks each edible responds to a matching hue — an eclair is paired with a rich, chocolate brown packaging; water bottles bear a soft blue label; and an aperol spritz is served in a vibrant orange vessel. in addition to the menu items, saturated tones are applied to folding chairs, food trays, napkins, and the façade of the pop-up restaurant, forming a visual and vibrant experience for visitors to the coastline microstate’s bustling grimaldi forum.


Hacque adfabilitate confisus cum eadem postridie feceris, ut incognitus haerebis et repentinus, hortatore illo hesterno clientes numerando, qui sis vel unde venias diutius ambigente agnitus vero.
trefle interior table and chair
trefle cocktail swimming pool
trefle interior table cutlery
trefle burger
trefle cheese plate
trefle food exterior