Created by the Antinori family, Cantinetta Antinori brings the finest Tuscan hospitality and gastronomy, in addition to Antinori’s exquisite wines to the most timeless cities around the globe. We attribute its success to a constant stream of innovation underpinned by a deep respect for tradition.
« II love to explore and constantly create new concepts »


Cantinetta Antinori, a restaurant created by the renowned Antinori winemaking family. The first one was opened by Niccolò Antinori in 1957 in the fifteenth-century Palazzo Antinori, the family’s historical home in the center of Florence.

Today, Cantinetta Antinori, alongside Antinori’s famous wineries, is a highly respected restaurant with an international reputation.


Usually, Cantinetta Antinori’s interiors are designed by the architectural firm Archflorence, which worked closely with the family on developing a contemporary style inspired by the historical Cantinetta Antinori restaurant in Florence.
Many details of the restaurant have been crafted by Tuscan artisans including a long, wooden bar counter with brass vine leaves, boiserie on the walls, and bespoke lighting.


Both traditional and elegant, Cantinetta Antinori offers a Tuscan and Italian dining experience with signature dishes. The recipes include, perfect Carbonara with Kobe beef pancetta, veal escalope with lemon, burrata and datterini tomatoes, etc. We top it with a carefully curated wine list featuring Antinori’s best vintages.