Traditional Izakaya are famous informal venues in Japan.

Riccardo Giraudi decided to create his own version. Izakaya is a sort of hybrid, mixing Japanese tradition, a classic Sushi Bar and a fine dining experience.  In a nutshell, Izakaya is another reason to investigate our food scene.

« I love to explore and constantly create new concepts »


With Izakaya, Riccardo Giraudi’s idea was to merge traditional Japanese cuisine and ways of cooking with the freshest Mediterranean and Italian products, without pretention. The goal was to create a small, one-of-a-kind destination in Monaco and spoil locals and visitors with a richly flavored menu.


The restaurant has been designed by architects Humbert & Poyet. With its blue shades, white marble, graphic tiles, brass and warm lights, Izayaka is above all an intimate and charming place, halfway between modernity and timelessness.

The open kitchen allows guests to take a look, furtively or not, at the preparation of the recipes featured on the menu.


Foodwise, the menu is designed to be an approachable introduction to Asian cuisine, which is at the same time comforting and luxurious.

The guests can choose between cold and warm Zensai, rolls and ramen but also recipes cooked in a wood-fired oven including crunchy rice Bibimbap, Katsu Curry, Robata « al carbone » served on small Hibachi Barbecues.