In an era where Neapolitan pizza reigns, Riccardo Giraudi created Pizz’Aria. This fast informal concept does away with established codes with singular nonchalance, with its pop inspired boxes and most of all with its signature wood-fire baked Pinsa Romana.

« I love to explore and constantly create new concepts »


Pinsa Romana is a recipe that dates back to Ancient Rome, originally made with a mixture of millet, barley and spelt, with added salt and dried. Today our recipe has evolved to a 3-wheat flour mixture.

Pizz’Aria started in 2021 when Riccardo Giraudi met Christian Pederzini. Together these two passionate foodies imagined a wood fire baked Pinsa Romana concept unique in the world.


Nostalgic colors, controlled symmetry, assumed delicacy… you wouldn’t have thought that a pizza box could become poetic, but Pizz’Aria’s seems to have come straight out of a scene by director Wes Anderson. Each season sees its share of new recipes and new boxes. Pizz’Aria is more than a concept, it’s a lifestyle.


Our Pinsa Romana recipes have been carefully developed to offer a large dose of comfort. The oval shape wood fire baked pizza is topped with the best Italian products. Stracciatella, grilled vegetables, ricotta salata, crushed pistachios, crushed tomatoes … No bizarre flavor games, no eccentricity, Transalpine indulgence creating perfect simplicity.