Market research

The pre-opening phase starts with market research and analysis. This includes visit of the current establishment, audits, local and international market trends studies, competitive intelligence, concept positioning, development possibilities, customer flow optimisation, financial projections.

Asset management

We then support you in the implementation of a solution adapted to your needs. This can include creation of ad hoc concept, redesign of the identity and the menu, simple homogenization of the existing concept, optimization of the concept in order to duplicate or create a franchise system.


Creation of a concept & recommendations

During the development phase, we design a differentiating offer to give your clients a successful experience. This phase includes the development of the brand identity, the name, the story telling, the DNA, the graphic guidelines adapted to various mediums.

We also develop the menu – signature recipes, set formule, price positioning -, while selecting the art de la table, uniforms, olfactory signature, sound illustration, collaterals and take away packagings.


During this phase, we take care of each detail in order to offer a coherent architecture in ad equation to the positioning of your establishment and its menu.

We also work closely with the selected architects for the moodboards, implantation plans and construction / renovations follow-up. We also deal with our external consultants to meet your needs in terms of materials, lights, furniture and signature elements.


Our in-house marketing team sets a communication strategy to guarantee the success of your establishment as soon as it opens.

The strategy includes signage, communication mediums (flyers, ads, brochures etc), photoshoots and videoshoots, website creation with booking widget and CRM modules, social media accounts and guidelines, mailing, referencing, press release, launch party, event calendar, etc.


The front of house training and restaurant room organisation phase includes the elaboration of the prerequisites for the opening, weekly reports, staff planning, daily organisation, writing and delivery of the staff training booklets,

general guidelines – rights, duties, teamwork, values, security, complaint management etc -, glossary of technical words, recipes and signatures products description, etc.


During the kitchen training and kitchen organisation phase, we deliver a list of small and large equipment, technical sheets,

description of seasonal menus, food cost, cooking procedures, allergy & intolerance guide, product sourcing, order procedures, etc.


Our HR assistance can include team schedules based on customer flows, job descriptions, creation of performance audits.

The IT assistance covers proposal of adapted IT equipment, CRM software, checkout systems and more, to optimize the efficiency of the teams.



During the launch phase, our team will handle kitchen, room and marketing training on-site.

Follow up & assistance

During the post opening phase, we will organize monthly conference calls with each team. The assistance also includes the analysis of activity reports, updates of the concept according to the feedbacks, control visits, operation manual.


  • Right of intellectual property
  • Brand exclusivity in the geographic area
  • Staff estimation
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Training of the chef and the second cook : cooking techniques & signature dishes
  • Training of the restaurant manager :  service standards
  • Website creation, social media, press releases
  • 2-weeks assistance (prior opening, after opening and trimester visits) with our Executive Chef and our operation area manager
  • Innovation with new menus depending on seasonality
  • Analysis of the ratios & sales structures with the menu
  • Assistance with traffic development, ads with an annual marketing plan
  • Respect & application of brand’s aesthetic codes from tableare to architecture and derivative products
  • Hygiene & food safety : to guarantee the impeccable quality of brand and client’s well-being