What matters is to invent the unique
and ultimate character of the experience

Riccardo Giraudi is a successful visionary who generates emotions, plays with contrasts while finding his inspiration in new trends, travels and experiences.

From Italian trattorias to Mediterranean sushi bars, burger joints, gastronomic Chines restaurants and Southern American festive bar, helikes to create one-of-a-kind concepts to always surprise his discerning clientele.

Over the years, as a business owner and restaurateur, Riccardo Giraudi saw an interest into developing an international franchise system. Some of his major concepts articulated around beef in all its forms – Beefbar, Beeftro, Grubers – are being developed internationally.

With the years, some of his major concepts – Beefbar, Leafbar, Relais Beefbar, Song QI, Monte Mozza, Mozzafiato, Pizz’aria, Beeftro, and Grubers – developed internationally through a franchise network.

Our franchises

Often called “a paradise for meat lovers” or “home of exceptional meats”, Beefbar is Riccardo Giraudi’s very first restaurant.

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Beeftro brings a new culinary interpretation of meat & street food to the table.

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Song Qi a luxurious Chinese gourmet restaurant, Discover a one-of-a-kind gustative culture in a perfectly balanced and precious setting, reflecting Shanghai’s golden age of the 1930’s.

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Created in 2016, Grubers’ name comes from the anagram of the word “burgers”, and has a unique secret inside the meat.

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