GrubersThe secret is inside

Created in 2016, Grubers’ name comes from the anagram of the word “burgers”, and has a unique secret inside the meat.

The origin

When Riccardo Giraudi created Grubers, his first fast casual restaurant, he had one single goal in mind: to offer a quick culinary & innovative experience based on a simple concept.

Our strong values are rapidity, freshness, authenticity, transparency, and creativity.

The architecture

We work closely with our architects to reflect Grubers’ engagement and spirit in the whole space and the architectural details.

The design is a combination of raw materials such as wood, marble, steel and ceramic white tiles, neon lights, vintage furniture, which all bring warmth to our simple, bold and timeless Grubers.

The food

Grubers’ menu is simple: delicious Cheesegrubers, crispy fries and ice cold drinks.

While restaurateurs and fast food chains work on the same offer – a classic burger without the possibility of personalisation – we did the opposite. In the spirit of master butchers, our Cheesegrubers are 100% freshly ground pure muscle beef burgers.

To ensure a juicy & tender meat, we only use cuts form the best muscles, without any trimmings, before adding perfectly balanced and selected ingredients such as jalapeno peppers, black truffle or cheese. Our beef is trapped into an airy, light and toasted bun, and is topped with a fresh, creamy and dedicated sauce.

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