Authentic japanese wagyu

For nearly 45 years, the Giraudi family has continually strived to offer to its customers, the highest quality meat in the world. Imposing itself as the European leader for luxury meats export.

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we officially announce the arrival of Japanese Wagyu among our range of exclusive meats. We propose to our connoisseurs, high-range distributors, a wide choice of gourmet Tajima, Ohmi, Nozaki (from Kagoshima), Miyazaki and Kobe beef cuts.Mr Giraudi and son were commited to realize this large-scale project and went to Japan in September, 2013 to sign a dealing agreement for the Wagyu beef import in Europe.

This highest quality meat has maintained a pure bloodline since 1600 and allow you to live an unique experience that will be engraved in your memory and make you forget all poor Wagyu imitations proposed throughout the world for decades.Imported by Giraudi Exclusive Meats.