Mozza is the result of the symbiosis between an old-fashioned, traditional, Italian atmosphere and the creativity of Riccardo Giraudi.
This trattoria is an enchanting, warm place where life is good and so is the food.
« I love to explore and constantly create new concepts »


Mozza was created by Riccardo Giraudi in the 2010s. The concept is timeless and celebrates the traditional Italian way of life. Get ready to dive into the world of an Italian trattoria from the last century.

Authenticity and romanticism are the key words thanks to its inviting, retro decor.


Mozza immerses you in the welcoming universe of an Italian trattoria from the last century. Tiles, bricks, mosaic, wood, marble, red leather benches, black industrial lamps, our designers have brought together all these elements to create a friendly atmosphere and to allow us to offer to our clients the finest and most authentic Italian cuisine.


Mozza welcomes you for an Italian experience. For both lunch and dinner, our menu offers a wide choice of antipasti to share, freshly sliced charcuterie and mozzarella from Gragnano, freshly made pasta, pinsa romana, and our tasty, crispy veal Milanese.

All in a relaxed setting.