Beefbar is a unique & vibrant culinary destination, created by Riccardo Giraudi.

With a concept already introduced in Mexico, Hong Kong and even Tulum, Beefbar is a unique & vibrant culinary destination, created by Riccardo Giraudi.

We are at Beefbar, and not in a steakhouse.

The best meat origins & cuts of the world are carefully selected and then cooked as whole ingredient. Through these exclusive meats, often offered in exclusivity, we sublimate international & local recipes.

Reflection of a cosmopolitan culture, the menu thus presents a selection of street food, tiradito and tartare prepared very lightly & created to be shared. Full of contrasts, Beefbar reveals the rarest meats of the world through popular recipes. The customer doesn’t want to have to choose between elegance and simplicity, or to have to devour a whole cut to satisfy his carnivorous craving.

The Beefbar concept breaks with classic & stiff codes. Through its glamorous architectural lines, Beefbar includes the modern luxury feels and offers a complete and more accessible experience.

Here, luxury is more felt and savored than it is seen.

Beefbar around the world

In Monaco, Mexico, or Hong Kong, our customers can look forward to the same Beefbar experience with our signature dishes they have come to love and appreciate. Our clientele is part of a group who feels that having their favorite food and ambience in different locations around the world is the best kind of luxury. However, Beefbar’s DNA (both architecture and cuisine) can adapt to each location while keeping the architectural codes (marble, brass, leather etc). For example, in Hong Kong we have included a private room for more intimate dinners and local dishes have been added on the menu.

Concepts around Beefbar

The origin

For the past 50 years, Riccardo Giraudi and his family have been considered as the European leader in meat trading and worldwide pioneer in bringing the bovine industry to the 21st century. Therefore, it was only a matter of time for Riccardo Giraudi to design a concept dedicated to exclusive beef. Born in 2005 in Monte-Carlo, Beefbar breaks with classic & stiff codes since day one while including a modern luxury feel.

The architecture

Here, glamour mingles with understated luxury thanks to our architects who were asked to express Beefbar’s DNA in the design: quality, purity & refinement. Rich noble materials such as copper, wood, leather, marble, and brass are combined to create Beefbar signature’s look.

The food

Reflection of a cosmopolitan culture and full of contrasts, Riccardo Giraudi and his Executive chef magnify the best meat origins and cuts from all over the world. With these exclusively sourced products, they also sublimate international & local recipes. The menu presents a selection of street food, tiraditos & tartares created to be shared. Followed by great beef and other great iconic dishes.

One beefbar, one universe

Despite the use of signature materials, each Beefbar has its own universe and adapts to the location but also to thecountry or city’s culture it settles in. For example. Beefbar Hong Kong has a lot of red elements as well as a privatedining room. Beefbar Tulum is more exotic in terms of installation & materials etc. In Beefbar Paris we have added green marble to highlight the window ceiling classified as “Historic Monument”.

Butcher Shop

The Beefbar Butcher Shop is an importantpart of the restaurant. The impressive windows showing &presenting each beef cuts of each origin are surrounded by brass and filled with marble. In front of them, the large butcher blocks are made of marble, wood & brass too. The butcher blocks allow the butcher to cut  the meat in front of the client once the cut has been chosen. It is a 360°experience.

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